Basic Equipment Needed to Start Recording At Home

To get started recording fast, you need to get ready your basic equipment. Whether you are going to record only your vocals or sound of your musical instrument or making beats. Here are components you need to start recording at home.

The minimal setup for your home studio setup you’ll need would be a music recording/music production software, microphone, pop filter, microphone standing and computer.
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Recording software

This software you’ll be using to record, edit and mix your song – Thanks to the technology, it’s cheaper and easier than ever to make music on your own. I recommend Dubturbo 2 for just $39.95 and you can save money on a synthesizer, MPC and you’re able to import your own sounds to this (My DubTurbo Review). Well, if you don’t have any money to spare on this, you can start with free recording software – Audacity is a good way to start recording and editing.


Blue Yeti USB MicrophoneAudio-Technica AT2020 USB Studio Microphone with Stand & Pop Filter

Left: Blue Yeti, Right: Audio-Technica AT2020

You’d need a microphone for vocal recording and instrumental music. USB Microphone is convenient because it’s a plug and play device and you’re ready to record. Find something like Blue Yeti USB Microphone or Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Studio Microphone with Stand & Pop Filter. Depending on your liking, both are very popular and well-received. They are also crisp and clear for pod-casting, YouTube and interviews. I would also recommend having a pop filter and microphone stand too.

Preamp (Preamplifier)

An electronic amplifier that prepares signal for processing part of an amplifier, allows you to change volume, treble and bass setting. Invest on this if you are going to recording a lot of musical instrument.


Assuming you already have this with a pair of decent speaker. However you are considering buying a new computer. Read this: Choosing between Mac and PC.