DubTurbo 2 Review – An Overview of DubTurbo

Buying Process

I read and went through all the videos in the website.

I’m aware that it won’t replace a full-scale DAW that easily cost more than $500. This is a over-the-top beat maker that is packed with many features at a affordable price.

The software cost $39.95 and it promises a lot of things that you can hardly find in this price range. I’m not a professional musician and I don’t own any musical instrument.

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My bedroom was too small to fit in those equipment and I don’t have the money to rent a music studio. So I was looking for quick and easy solution to fulfill my hobby in music making. I believe that there is hidden music talent in everybody, it just that they don’t have the opportunity to unleash it.

So DubTurbo offered a cheap solution for digital music production at home. I can get my piano, synthesizer, sequencer, MPC, samples all kept in my hard disk. What a wallet-friendly and space saving solution!

I got nothing to lose and end of the day if it doesn’t work for me, I can return it and get my money back as long as I did it within 60 days of purchase.


Download and Installation

I downloaded DubTurbo 2 after its launch in October 2011. The file size of the software is about 250 MB, I managed to get the free bonus beats of another 250 MB: cool loops, full audio tracks, mood audio and many more which I haven’t had the time check it out.

While waiting for the download to finish, I explored the web version of DubTurbo. Just in case you don’t know, DubTurbo 2 software is accessible on your computer (hard disk) as well as online through internet browser. The good thing here is that you can make your beats anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

This is convenient, if you are working on your buddy’s computer. You can also get access to it while having vacation or simply you’re just away from your personal computer. Just login to the website with your username and password and you can quickly put down your ideas online, save your file and send it to your email address. After you’re back home, you can edit the project file and finish it up.

The download speed was acceptable, it took less than 20 minutes to complete (internet speed varies depending on several factors).

The installation was a breeze. It is a .air extension file that runs on adobe platform.

First impression of the DubTurbo program — the panel looks cool, very simple interface compared to other beat making software. The black background allows you to work at night or at a dark room without putting much strain on your eyes (versus a bright background). Bright background maybe alright during the day time, but will be irritating for your eyes, unless you turn the lights on.

You could learn how to use DubTurbo easily and move on to next level in a short period of time. If you think you are too new or can’t afford to pick up Fruity loops/Logic Studio/Reasons/Cubase now, then use this software as a stepping stone first. It’s not difficult to use for starters and yet it can produce broadcast quality tracks.

One thing I really like about DubTurbo is that, it allows import of external sounds for the price of less than $40, in my opinion, it is affordable among the rest of the beginner beat making software.



Commercial License

If you wish to sell your beats or use your beats for commercial purpose, you can buy unlimited rights for $32. The price is reasonable consider that you could use your beats in any way you want and sell them to others.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are also available at the members’ section. Since video tutorials are part of the package, I feel that the tutorials are too lengthy (often 30 minutes or longer). I maybe too impatient on this. Shorter video tutorials will be much appreciated (for my case).

It would be nice if DubTurbo could create a searchable Questions & Answers (Q&A) guide(with screenshots aid) to help users to familiarize with the program, probably something quick and easy to find. Most of the time, I would rather perform a control+find on the page instead of watching a 30 minutes video when I just want to know a simple thing.

If you are tired, you can just pause the tutorial video and take a break. Once you’re ready, you get back and continue from where you stopped.

For beginners who don’t have prior experience or knowledge in music making, the video tutorials could guide you to learn how to make beats fast, you can quickly make your own beats just by following and doing exactly what they did in the video.

Play the video below to see beats remixes by DubTurbo



I made my first beats using DubTurbo by punching my keyboards. I know it might sounds funny or cheesy but it does the job without the need of buying any expensive hardware. Since their sample is in .wav, you got better sound quality than .mp3 samples. Save your money on getting a studio.

Worrying that it won’t work in your Mac computer?

No problem. DubTurbo works on Mac too.


New beat makers, this is probably the easiest way to find out your hidden talent in music. I recommend you to check out DubTurbo.

Click the player below to listen to some cool beats.

(flash required. mobile users, please use computer to access)

BTV Solo vs DubTurbo

What is the difference between BTV Solo and DubTurbo?

Lets put up a comparison between this two beat makers.


BTV Solo
Brand Awareness Recommended by
Producer Dallas Austin

Price $49.95
Launch Offer Price
Check latest price
Operating System
Mac Compatible greencheckmark greencheckmark
Windows Compatible
(Windows XP, Vista and 7)
greencheckmark greencheckmark
Help & Support greencheckmark greencheckmark
Sequencer greencheckmark greencheckmark
Drum Machine greencheckmark greencheckmark
Wav Editor greencheckmark
.Wav Exports greencheckmark greencheckmark
MIDI Controller Option greencheckmark
No. of Sounds 1,000+ 1,000+
Training Videos / Tutorial Videos greencheckmark greencheckmark
Free Software Upgrades greencheckmark
Refund Policy greencheckmark
60 Day Refund
60 Day Refund
Free Packs Over 100 royalty free tracksOver 100 professionally designed drum kits 4 Premium Sample Pack

Movie & Mood royalty free beats for general use

Rating to be updated 3.5 stars out of 5 stars
download-BTV-Solo download-DubTurbo


Pre-purchase evaluation

Tutorial videos

BTV Solo seems to have more tutorial videos to show you how to utilize their software. It has more than 10 videos for BTV users. Each videos is organized accordingly to their functionality, e.g. Using time stretch feature, autochop, setting up tracks to record midi, layering in kit mode etc.

DubTurbo focuses on making their tutorial using systematic approach. Tutorial starts from basic beat making, advanced beat making to understanding the concepts of making hip hop beats, house beats, reggae beats etc. There are total of 4 tutorial videos for DubTurbo 2. You’re also able to access tutorial videos of its previous version and learn some of the tips not shown in version 2 tutorials.


Usage of MIDI controllers

For DubTurbo, you could only use your computer keyboard to make the beats.

On the other hand, You could use both MIDI controller and computer keyboard to make beats in BTVSolo. So this is a extra feature you should consider as it comes pretty handy because hitting a real keyboard gives a unique feel when you are making beats.

Playing with midi controllers makes you feel like you’re playing it live, instead of clicking with mouse and pressing computer keyboard. This is an advantage because it’s a awesome way to link your beat making software. (Of course, you can still make music without it)


Sample Editing Tools

Although BTV Solo doesn’t have sampler in this version, there is sample editing tools available for you. One way to overcome it is that, you can record your own samples and then import them to BTV Solo. Sample editing tools including timestretch, autochop, normalize and pitch-shifting. Read more about BTV Solo’s features.


Watch out for my BTV Solo review. I’ll update in due time.